Solid Ink - It's time to rethink your ink

Solid Ink is an innovative, award winning colour printing technology available only from Fuji Xerox. It was invented in 1986 in the Tek Labs and first brought to market in 1991.

Fuji Xerox Solid Ink is easy to use and produces stunning colour print quality. It also:

  • Generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable colour laser printers.
  • Enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

It is not only a viable, affordable option for those customers looking to add colour to their business documents, but it has also become a competitive force in the industry. Other companies have tried to compete with Fuji Xerox's long history of colour expertise, but none have come close to matching the convenience and quality offered by solid ink technology.

More than 1 million Solid Ink machines are in use today, serving thousands of customers who produce more than 6 billion pages each year. Every year, Fuji Xerox works to lower running costs while improving performance and quality.

Though Solid Ink technology originally was developed for the graphic arts market, it quickly appealed to general office users because of its simplicity and ease of use for everyone.

Solid ink adds value to businesses.

  • It is the only printing technology that can create brilliant, vibrant prints on a wide range of media.
  • It is the easiest technology on the market to use.
  • It is the only technology that produces minimal waste
  • It has a low entry price and cost per page.

Solid ink printing technology follows the standard rule of computers -- performance improves while prices decline.

Today, a solid ink colour printer costs no more than a network monochrome laser printer with similar features.

Learn about Solid Ink:

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the comparison between solid ink printers and laser/ inkjet printers…

  • More consistent print quality page after page and on any media
  • Easier to use with no cartridges to load and unload, and no mess
  • Less waste with no cartridges to dispose of, and far less packaging
  • No paper curling or wrinkling that often plagues inkjet and color laser printers
  • Fewer parts so there’s less that can go wrong
  • Faster than inkjet technology
  • No special paper needed, unlike some inkjet printers
  • A wider range of colors are printed by solid ink than most color laser devices

Solid Ink Products

ColorQube 8570 A4 Colour Printer

ColorQube 8870 A4 Colour Printer

ColorQube 8900 A4 Colour Multifunction Printer


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